Web Design

Internet healthcheck

In relation to your business, we would assess the following:-

  • Internet access connection speed and contention (and does this impact the business? in what way)
  • control and access of internet use for employees (where desired)
  • spam and spyware prevention methods in place
  • website assessment
    • domain name ownership and expiry
    • look and feel in relation to company branding
    • content in relation to company strategy in addition to objectives to be served by website
    • accessibility
      • Adherence to web standards and accessibility guidelines
      • How the website coped on major browsers
      • How the website coped with non-standard access methods
      • Disability access friendliness
    • usability
      • navigation and user friendliness
      • conformance to usability principles
    • visibility (search engines)
      • search engine standings based on given keywords
    • performance and availability
    • correct operation of all aspects of site forms/emails/page links etc)
    • privacy statement and its adherence
    • backup
    • any other findings and observations

Normally a 3 day consultation process with a combination of site visit and offsite work in preparing a report and recommendations.

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